Our Community

Working Together
Children benefit from a regular and stable routine and we as adults - both parents and educators, can work in collaboration for their healthy all round development.

Please do the following:

  • Be punctual and observe the timings given, both while dropping and picking up your child.
  • Call our Communications Officer whenever your child will not be attending school. In case of long absences do send a letter accordingly, addressed to the Principal. We do get concerned if we don’t see a child and would like to be informed of his/her wellbeing.
  • Do not send your child to school if he/she is unwell, running a temperature, has a persistent cough, runny nose, bad stomach or any other illness.
  • Send your child in practical and comfortable clothing which allows for easy movement and is weather appropriate.
  • Make sure our office has all your contact details such as telephone numbers, e mails, residential address Etc. It is also advisable to give us alternate contact numbers in the event you are not available for any reason.

Parent/Teacher interaction
A spirit of cooperation and meaningful interaction between the parents and the teachers, the home and the school is extremely important. We greatly value meaningful communication with our parents. While we do organise specific times for such communication twice a year, parents are welcome to ask questions or discuss anything concerning their child when, or if, the need arises. However, we request you to make an appointment so that we can give you our fullest attention. Just like parents may request a meeting, the school/teachers may schedule additional meetings if necessary.

Each birthday is a special milestone! Your child may want to share a cake or other eatables with his/her class. You could speak to us prior to the birthday regarding this. However, we do not permit balloons, hats, whistles Etc. and no return gifts. The child could gift an age appropriate book for the book corner. This is not compulsory but it has special meaning for the child.