Early Years Programme

Our programme is for children aged 15 months to 3 years, based on Montessori’s philosophy and pedagogy. After this, children automatically graduate to our ages 3 to 6 programme at Head Start Montessori House of Children, Koramangala.

Early Years Montessori House of Children is a cheerful, secure space specifically designed for a young community, and one which enables children to grow and evolve at their own pace. Through their learning journey, we are facilitators in the process, rendering the necessary support and providing opportunity for independent discovery.

8.30am to 12 noon

At Early Years Montessori we endeavour to provide an environment rich with both challenge and encouragement, one that nurtures and cares. Every young child has an overwhelming desire to connect, enquire, and learn, first at home and then at the House of Children, so that they can build vital connections. We assist this growth and strive to be enablers for each child’s development; to provide support and make the toddler years happy and meaningful.

Montessori reminds us that “The child’s power is superior to ours. They are endowed with powers we no longer possess.”

What is this power, and why do we no longer possess it? Why? Because it is exclusive to very young children—the power to absorb everything around them; to soak up sensorial impressions and pass them on to the brain. No teaching is involved.

What is it? It is what Montessori calls the ‘absorbent mind’, prevalent only during the earliest years of life; a period during which the child’s mind is capable of absorbing and internalizing information and sensations from the environment, without being taught. It is an innate force of life which directs children towards their natural evolution; showing us that a baby is born already knowing how to grow—how to grasp a finger, how to roll over or sit up, crawl and walk, how to interpret emotions and start to speak. Children coo, gurgle, and babble, and absorb language from those around them; words, then phrases and sentences. They can learn many languages simultaneously, without formal lessons, and use grammar, syntax and accent, based on what they hear.

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